Who Is Terry Brinson?

Terry Brinson Biography

Terry Brinson is an experienced personal trainer, nutritionist and healthcare professional for over 20 years.  

The product of a single-parent household, Terry overcame the negative obstacles associated with living in various neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh. He also learned the importance of hard-work and values the word “loyalty” for his family, friends and clients. As a personal trainer, The Terry Brinson Experience is all about the client. There are no distractions, cancellations or excuses! 

Terry provides one-on-one focus; assisting you from start to finish.  Specializing in personal training, group fitness and body-building training, Terry is the only trainer who the client sees and communicates with. Intense by Terry Brinson group sessions, which begin in the Summer, focus on core training, weight management, and body sculpting.  

Terry also has a strong passion for the community. His hope is to start a non-profit organization that will assist homeless families during the holidays and start a support group to educate families within the family division system. 

Terry’s professional goal is to become the face of fitness on local television networks; teaching audiences the importance of exercise and healthy eating at any age. “There aren’t many features on our local stations that focus on fitness; and none of them have a face like mine,” says the Langley High School graduate. This is one goal that’s on top of his list! 

When he’s not working out or helping others reach their fitness goals, Terry enjoys attending comedy shows, movies, bowling, roller skating, going to church, and spending time with his teenage daughter.